Augmented Reality App


Interact with your favorite Rosebunny Designs Girls in a whole new way! Bring your favorite Rosebunny Designs Girls to life!

How it works:
– Scan printed materials. You can download them below!
– Watch your favorite girls come alive before your eyes!
– Interact with AvaRayne, Naomi and Mimi.

5 Creative ways to interact with the app:
1) Move the markers around to get a full 360 view of the characters as they move!
2) Interact with AvaRayne, Naomi and Mimi with:

– Happy mode: Character will sway left and right.
– Explore mode: Character will walk around your screen.
– Dance mode: Character will dance! (Hint: they love to dance along to their song!)
– Normal mode: Character will stand still.
– Play Song mode: Plays the “Rosebunny Designs Official Song”.

3) Take them everywhere with you and snap photos! (Upload to your social media and tag us with the hashtags #rosebunnydesignsar #rosebunnydesignsgirls #adventureswithRBDGirls so we can see what part of the world the girls have travelled to! We will feature the most creative!)
4) Create your own music video of “Rosebunny Designs Official Song” with you and your friends and the Rosebunny Designs Girls! Watch our official song lyrics video here! Don’t forget to tag us so we can share your creations!
5) Experiment with our markers! Print our markers any size you want and see what happens!

Download your free markers below:









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