Meet Mimi (CREATE)


Without a little imagination and dreams to help us deal with reality, life would be much harder. Mimi helps little kids dream and embrace their creative side. It is a true gift to create something from scratch, something unique, a product of yourself. Whether it is a painting, a song, a story, a craft or an idea, it’s yours and it’s a unique gift you give to the world. Don’t be afraid to create and allow yourself to fail, so you can get better with time.

Mimi loves everything about unicorns. All of her clothes have a picture of one on them and she paints one or a few every single day. Mimi loves their colorfulness and their freedom. They can fly high, run fast and make beautiful rainbows among many things that fascinate Mimi.

Mimi’s life is the most interesting because even if she’s sitting alone in a closed room, she is far away with her mind, climbing mountains, swimming with dolphins, flying with unicorns and hanging out with her friends. She is never bored and always comes up with new ways to have fun.

Express yourself and create because it’s the greatest gift you can give to the world. Allow yourself to dream, because that is what drives you and pushes you to be a better version of yourself.


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