Meet AvaRayne (LOVE)



Love always has a place in everyone’s heart. Even though we may forget it sometimes, AvaRayne is always there to remind us to spread the love and respect everyone around us. This little girl teaches us to love our close friends and family, ourselves and everyone else. With her cute haircut, ribbon, clothes filled with hearts and a large smile, AvaRayne spreads love and happiness all around her. She dances and sings whenever there’s music and uses it to spread the love. Her secret weapon is laughter, because love is happiness and happiness is laughter.

AvaRayne never goes anywhere without her friends Naomi and Mimi, because together they are invincible. They play, dance, sing, have exciting adventures and do everything together. With their team efforts and divided skills, they make the world a better place little by little.

AvaRayne knows people better than they know themselves and recognizes passion when she sees it. Her advice to everyone is to do what you love and love what you do, do it with passion and tirelessly work on it until you reach your goals. No mountain is too high, so have high standards, set high goals and do everything in your power to reach them.

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