About Us

Rosebunny Designs is a creative brand for all ages. It is a brand for all individuals who appreciate art.

We are committed to building great products and service, and other initiatives that impact lives outside and within our company. We contribute to the society and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. We respect diversity and give the best of composition. We pride ourselves on pursuing new and creative ideas that have the potential to change the world. avarayne1

Integrity is a core value we offer by acting with honor and honesty, without compromising the truth. We take care of the company and our customers as they are our own. Our designs show that love inspires creativity: one cannot do without the other.

Our designs possess the creative concept of mainly putting smiles on people’s faces and influencing minds to see the beautiful side of life. We believe in transmitting positive energy to kids via art and turning a frown upside down. Our cute characters represent love, inspiration and creativity thus ensuring that the kids learn to be strong minded and build character by being kind to everyone they meet. We are bent on teaching individuals in general about true happiness and how to instill this in the hearts of others.

We infuse the ideology of looking at the sunny side of everything by appreciating optimism and enthusiasm. We provide coloring books and graphic novels that give a pictorial representation of true beauty and kindness as well as mobile applications, toys and prints. We offer imaginative and creative freedom to all individuals and also ensure motivation in the hearts of people.

naomi-2Rosebunny Designs teaches leadership qualities to kids and prevents the aspect of bullying in our society. Our mission is to create extraordinary experiences that educate, challenge and inspire young people and their communities. We tend to enrich and transform the lives of young people through our characters.

Our characters are an iconic trio, created to mend hearts and make the world a better and a colorful place. AvaRayne represents love. This character spreads love all over the world by teaching and showing affection and tenderness towards others. She is warm, compassionate, enthusiastic and devoted. She teaches unselfishness, display concern for others, loyalty and benevolence. Naomi on the other hand, brings inspiration to others. This character possesses a divine influence that uplifts the heart and soul by influencing emotions in a positive way. Mimi is our third character which represents creativity. This character develops the possibility of something new and valuable being formed. Together, all three characters play a contributory role in the lives of our kids.

Our concept is based on giving kids a glimpse of how to maintain and adapt in relationships in mimi-2order to be truly creative and inspirational. We show that love is a very core value that needs to be exhibited more in life because it is the quality that sustains and amplifies our relatedness to others. We help you understand that your ability to exhibit your full creative potential and vision might be valuable in helping or inspiring others.

All of our products are designed for individuals who love to love, want to be inspired and are looking to fuel their own creativity. We give each and every person the ability to recognize their creative center. We paint a beautiful picture that describes creativity as an existential nexus and the fact that an individuals’ creativity be it a child or an adult, is based on the meaningful relationships they have with others and themselves. Thus, our brand is based on teaching individuals how to create healthy and meaningful relationships in life. We as individuals should learn to love and use our abilities to motivate each other, inspire others and by being role models to our younger generations today. With the use of these traits in our day to day lives, we can teach our kids the importance of love, inspire and create.

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